Window Fine Dust Filter

A window fine dust filter is a device that prevents the wind from passing through the window, while still blocking the fine dust that can harm the human lungs. It is composed of a frame (110), a filter sheet (121), and a porous adsorbent material. The filter sheet is made of cotton, fiber, or felt, and is porous and adsorbent. It is usually mounted on the frame, and is attached to the window’s frame.

The SilverOnyx Air Purifier includes an ionizing mode, and it can be used manually or automatically. It will automatically select the best settings for the pollutants present in the air, and will also keep your windows fresh. Unlike a regular air cleaner, the SilverOnyx can be used to clean other sources of dust in addition to windows. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective window filter, which can help keep your home fresh and protect you from respiratory ailments.

The window fine dust filter provides an effective barrier against allergenic and pest-borne dust. It has a pore-size of 100-400 micrometers, and it prevents inflow of these pollutants. In addition to blocking airborne dust, the screen also prevents inflow of bacteria and other allergenic substances. This window fine dust filter is compatible with most windows. There are several kinds of window screens. The Allergy Guard is the most effective, blocking up to 98% of fine dust.

To prevent dust from entering your home, make it a habit to clean windows regularly. If you live on a busy street, this can be even more of a problem. As the airborne dust is a result of traffic, it finds its way into homes. If possible, open the windows only at night when there is less traffic. This way, the dust entering your home is minimal. It’s easy to prevent the dust from entering your home.