Wood Treatments and Non-Woven Fabrics

Wood treatment is the process of making wood more durable and resistant to burns and stains. This process can also change the natural color of the wood. Treatments include lacquering, painting, antiquing, and distressed finishes. Listed below are some examples. Read on to find out which wood treatments are best for your furniture. You may also want to consider non-woven fabric. This type of fabric is more aesthetically pleasing and has many other benefits.


Edge banding is a decorative technique that adds a finished look to furniture. The process uses a hot-melt adhesive applied with an automated industry grade heat applicator. The resulting protective edge is both durable and attractive. However, the edge banding technique is not for every furniture style. Here are some important things to know about edge banding:


Dovetail furniture features high-quality craftsmanship in classic designs. Each piece is constructed with superior materials and attention to detail, making each one durable and long-lasting. A unique tongue-and-groove construction process lends its pieces a natural and earthy feel, while the rich, vibrant finishes make them a showpiece in any home. From classic to modern, Dovetail has something to suit every style and budget. Dovetail furniture is sold at Meadow Blu.

Interlaced ornamental woodwork

There are many types of interlaced ornamental woodwork on furniture. There are also numerous techniques used to create these intricate designs. For example, the late Stuart period saw the use of lignum vitae for veneering. Also, lip molding is a common technique for creating dust stops around drawers. Lastly, there are various styles of wood-paneled enclosures for a bed or a table.

Non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabric is used in many ways, from mattress lining to upholstery and pillows. It is also used in other home goods, such as curtain lining and cleaning bags. Despite being made from a non-woven material, it is more textile-like than ever. It is also used as a sound and heat insulator in the home and for the construction of cars and boats. Listed below are a few of the many uses for non-woven fabrics.


If you have a chenille sofa in your living room, you may want to know how to clean it. Chenille is very porous, so cleaning it with a damp cloth will not remove stains. The best way to clean chenille is by using a soft-bristled upholstery brush and making circular motions. This will force dirt to rise to the surface, which you can then vacuum.


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Tuxedo seating has a distinctly formal look, but the tufted cushions and box-arms make it more comfortable than formal wear. Tuxedo seating is available in two styles: stationary and reclining. For an extra-luxurious look, consider a motorized reclining chair. You’ll find plenty of tuxedo-style seating to choose from at furniture stores.