World News – Reporting From Abroad

What is world news? Essentially, world news is news that originates from another country or topic. It could be a country in the world, or something globally significant. Here are some examples of global subjects covered by world news. Expatriates and Reporting from Abroad

Reporting from abroad

Reporting world news from abroad can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not yet used to working in a foreign country. The process of applying for these grants can be rigorous, but can lead to useful research. Check out some of the resources listed below to get started. The Rory Peck Trust and NewsLab are also good sources of international reporting grants. There are also numerous tips for international reporters from various organizations.

Reporting from one country to another

If you plan on reporting from one country to another for the world’s news, it’s important to prepare for the challenges you’ll face. Having a general idea of what to write will likely lead to boilerplate articles, ridicule from colleagues, and limited understanding of the culture and language. The best stories are those that bring nuance to a situation and come from talking to people on the ground.


The word “expat” carries many connotations, including preconceptions about class, education and privilege. Other terms that describe the same people living in different places, including “migrant” and “foreign worker,” carry different assumptions about expatriates and their experiences abroad. With this in mind, it’s important to understand the differences between these two terms. In this report, we will look at the global expatriate population and how they differ from the typical immigrant or foreign worker.

Expatriates to the United States

From the nineteenth century, the United States has welcomed “expatriates” from overseas countries with open arms. Later, Americans began to lose confidence in the ‘expatriate’ category, leading legislators to create specific laws to define the status of expatriates. As Americans’ immigration numbers increased and businessmen and writers began to outnumber disgruntled exiles and racism, the role of expatriates in American public life shifted. As American nationals, businesses, and artists migrated abroad, the law followed. Eventually, naturalization became less of a problem.

Expatriates to the United Kingdom

Among the world’s top economies, the United Kingdom is a top destination for expatriates. In addition to offering excellent employment opportunities and a high standard of living, the country is home to a cosmopolitan culture. Though some newcomers may find the country to be reserved, the U.K. is made up of four nations and several regions, offering many different types of experiences and lifestyles.

Expatriates to Russia

Life in Russia can be challenging. The climate is harsh, and many cities suffer from high levels of pollution. Security issues are widespread, and crime rates are very high. However, most expatriates are able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. Some expats choose to live like locals and enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. This may mean limiting their travel and dining out experiences. Instead, choose to do as much of your daily living at home as possible.